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Entrepreneurial business professional with 18 years’ experience possessing a strong emphasis in retail marketing and merchandising, store & territory management, sales, client-vendor relations, business start-up and development, and ability to quickly implement specific and timely service programs to maximize sales. To pursue a career that allows me to utilize my creative, customer service, and technical skills, and also to obtain new skills which allow me to grow and advance in my career.


Molly Shibu

Managing Director

  Entrepreneur History  
  March 2017  
  Company: Approach Management and Consultancy WLL



  Activity: Real estate activities with own or leased property  

Buying, selling, renting and operating of self-owned or leased real estate, such as: Apartment buildings and dwellings Non-residential buildings, including exhibition halls, self-storage facilities, malls and shopping centers land Provision of homes and furnished or unfurnished flats or apartments for more permanent use, typically on a monthly or annual basis This activity also includes: Development of building projects for own operation, i.e. for renting of space in these buildings Subdividing real estate into lots, without land improvement Operation of residential mobile home sites

  Head offices or Management Offices  

This activity includes the overseeing and managing of other units of the company or enterprise; undertaking the strategic or organizational planning and decision-making role of the company or enterprise; exercising operational control and managing the day-to-day operations of their related units.This activity includes activities of: Head offices,  Centralized administrative offices, Corporate offices,  District and regional offices, Subsidiary management offices,  Restaurants and Coffee-Shops Management

  Management consultancy activities  



This activity includes the provision of advice, guidance and operational assistance to businesses and other organizations on management issues, such as strategic and organizational planning; decision areas that are financial in nature; marketing objectives and policies; human resource policies, practices and planning; production scheduling and control planning.This provision of business services may include advice, guidance or operational assistance to businesses and the public service regarding: Public relations and communicationDesign of accounting methods or procedures, cost accounting programs, budgetary control proceduresAdvice and help to businesses and public services in planning, organization, efficiency and control, management information etc. it also includes the issuance of studies and research in various fields

  Vision, Mission & Values  

We provide local market intelligence to occupiers, investors and developers of residential and commercial real estate, with a reach extending across the GCC region via our presence in the BAHRAIN. We offer integrated expertise across all property sectors, including: office, retail, hotel, industrial, logistics, prime domestic, international and residential. As a full-service real estate business, our clients can seamlessly access definitive commercial and residential property advice, driving meaningful value and ensuring a cohesive approach, as they seek to effectively manage their global property interests.


Our vision is to be the leading real estate service provider in the region and the preferred place of employment for real estate professionals. We consistently strive to develop collaborative partnerships, based on transparency and mutual trust, which serve to build enduring client relationships. As we expand, we’re committed to these principles, which have served our company and clients through the years.


We’re dedicated to achieving our vision by creating an energetic, positive, results-driven work environment focused on the investment and development of long-term relationships. We measure our success by the results delivered to clients. Our ethics are built on our commitment to offer superior customer service, combining an entrepreneurial flair and bespoke service of a fast-growing organisation.


Communication, commitment, and client care are the core values that emanate throughout every activity that we undertake. By listening and taking the time to understand our clients’ needs, we’re able to purvey comprehensive, holistic real estate advice. We’re proud to consistently deliver exceptional results to optimise the value of our clients’ property assets, at home and abroad.


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